Letting Joy Win

Diabetes never takes a break. And when you are a child diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes, the challenges never stop. Not for a birthday party. Not for a trip to the beach. Not for a visit to the zoo. 

If you want to see the face of courage, you don’t have to look very far when you look into the eyes of a child learning to live with diabetes. 

A friend of mine whose child was diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes a few years ago recently said to me, “The other night my son had to do a site change - diabetes words, but it is painful for him at times. He did it crazily quick, which is odd because understandably, he has to build up the courage. He looked at me and said, “my joy and fear were fighting, and my joy won.”

Friends, that is some disruptive joy! 

I don’t know what you are facing today but take it from little-superman - your joy and fear may be fighting. But joy can win out! 

Where do you need to let joy win out? Show up and take a joyride!