Entering the Territory of Dragons

Exercising our Freedom in Death-dealing Ways

Old maps from the Middle Ages have borders of the known world laid out with the warning, “Beyond here lie dragons.” 

You are free to keep going, but there are consequences. You can trespass at your own risk but know that it may be the point of no return.

The same is with our life. God has given each of us freedom. But there are boundaries set on that freedom, and if we exceed those boundaries, we will have to live with the consequences. 

We live in a web of relationships with God and with one another, and those relationships are shaped by the choices we make. When we live out our freedom in life-giving ways, everyone is better for it. Conversely, when we exercise our liberty in death-dealing ways, we all suffer. 

When freedom goes past the place of love of neighbor, it has entered the territory of dragons, which becomes terrible for everyone involved.


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