A Walk in the Desert

Last year I took a walk with my family through the desert. It was dry, and it was quiet. Although my family was walking with me, I felt lonely.

In the bible, Jesus comes from being soaked in the waters of baptism to having his soul drained dry in the desert. It was just him, the desert, and finally, the devil. 

The story is about Jesus being tempted by the devil to question his self-identity. But, instead, Jesus proves what it means to be the Son of God not by seizing power but by turning it down. 

There are times when we are tempted to believe we deserve bigger and better than what we have. The devil in our head says, “You deserve to be happier, healthier, and richer.” 

If we are not careful, we start believing the devilish voice and lose ourselves in the process. 

Please don’t fall for it. Remain true to yourself. And listen to the voice of God that says, “This is my beloved.”


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